Oxfordshire Cricket Association 2019

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League Results 14/06/2019 - 17/06/2019

Match Date Home Side   Away Side Home Side Score Away Side Score Result Ground Report

Division  1
15/06/2019 Garsington and Cowley v Westcott 193 all out
Uzair Ahmad 65
194 for 4 wkts
Tony Burcham 30
Tanveer Hussain 107*
Keegan Collier 37*
Rehman Ullah 10.0-3-31-3
Mark Strong 12.0-2-40-3
Westcott win by 6 wkts  View Result Card Completed
15/06/2019 Marsh Gibbon v Faringdon 112 all out 164 all out
Rob Brown 39
Michael Hume 11.0-0-35-3
George Liddiard 11.0-3-16-3
Faringdon win by 52 runs  View Result Card Completed
15/06/2019 Middleton Cheney v Stonesfield 121 all out n/a
Stephen Litten 12.0-4-46-3
Match abandoned - bonus points awarded  View Result Card Completed
15/06/2019 Oxenford v Chipping Norton 92 all out
Waqas Mir 7.0-0-33-4
170 for 9 wkts
Charith Karawita 49
Rhys Warner-Carter 38
Jim McGeown 8.0-1-25-3
Charith Karawita 4.5-0-34-4
Chipping Norton win by 78 runs  View Result Card Completed
15/06/2019 Witney Swifts v Wolvercote 102 all out
Ashley Horne 35
130 for 9 wkts
Amit Borlikar 7.0-2-20-4
Wolvercote win by 28 runs  View Result Card Completed

Division  2
15/06/2019 Bampton v Tetsworth 61 all out
James Bray 8.0-2-19-3
Matt Williams 3.5-0-11-4
91 all out
Arun Patel 6.0-2-10-4
Tetsworth win by 30 runs  View Result Card Completed
        Bampton bowled well keeping it tight with a great spell from James Bray in particular, with Matt Williams taking wickets towards the end of the innings. Wickets fell regularly in the Tetsworth innings giving them a total 91. Bampton's reply started with the top order falling at regular intervals. Arun Patel and Nikunj Patel bowled well taking full advantage of the damp pitch. Well done to Tetsworth who played the game in good spirits.
15/06/2019 Cairns Fudge v Kilkenny 202 for 8 wkts
Martin Hanscombe 107
Tom Gregory 30
Jamie Clark 7.0-0-33-3
Anwar Pervaiz 5.0-0-15-4
136 all out
Liam Day 38
Billy Carter 4.0-1-21-3
Cairns Fudge win by 66 runs  View Result Card Completed
        Full credit to Kilkenny for getting a game in today! Played absolutely in the right spirits with, at times, some really testing weather. Best of luck for the rest of the season and great to see you in the pub afterwards for a beer.Match reduced to 25 overs from the start to try and get a game in. Special mention to Martin Hanscombe on a second hundred for the season - proper innings on a pudding of a wicket today.
15/06/2019 Stanton Harcourt v EandW Hendred 110 all out
Arun White 34
Arun White 6.0-0-45-4
151 for 8 wkts
Andrew Francis 52
David Prosper 35
Jon Francis 7.0-0-30-5
EandW Hendred win by 41 runs  View Result Card Completed
        Match reduced to 28 overs.
15/06/2019 Watlington v Hanborough 131 for 2 wkts
Steve Strong 50
Hassan Khushi 54
James Howlett 5.0-2-12-3
127 for 8 wkts Watlington win by 8 wkts  View Result Card Completed
        A low scoring game played in very good spirit. The toss was a good one to win and Hanborough were put into bat. Some tight bowling and very good fielding put the top order under pressure this was also supported my some very good catches. On a difficult wicket Hanborough set Watlington a target of 128 to win. The bowling and fielding of Hanborough started well but the opening pair of Strong and Khushi batted well and put on a partnership just shy of 100, both scoring 50s. Ed Hewlett and Owen Hargrove finished the job off to give Watlington a well deserved win. Good luck to Hanborough for the rest of the season.
15/06/2019 Wootton and BH v Clifton Hampden n/a 21 for 2 wkts Match abandoned - bonus points awarded  View Result Card n/a

Division  3
15/06/2019 Brill v Combe 170 for 5 wkts
Andy Wynd 67
Andy Parke 59
Ben Jackson 8.0-0-33-4
139 all out
Robbie Nicholson 40
Charlie Arber 31*
Brill win by 31 runs  View Result Card Completed
        Game reduced to 35 overs each
15/06/2019 Broughton and NN v Radley 74 for 7 wkts
Stuart Walton 40
n/a Match abandoned - bonus points awarded  View Result Card n/a
15/06/2019 Kidlington v Dorchester n/a n/a Match abandoned  View Result Card n/a
15/06/2019 Marcham v Hook Norton 73 all out 76 for 2 wkts
Max Harris 7.0-1-25-3
Jordan Glazier 11.0-3-15-4
Hook Norton win by 8 wkts  View Result Card Completed
        After a week of rain of biblical proportions, the chance to get out into the middle was welcome. However, with such weather comes the increased importance of the toss, one which was won handsomely by Hook Norton on this occasion, rightly ing Marcham on a damp track under cloudy and showery skies. A portent of things to come was shown by way of the pre-match Hookie warm up, something we'd recommend to Eoin Morgan himself. The respite was non-existent. Marcham lost regular wickets early and despite an all to brief period of resistance, the tail spectacularly failed to wag as Marcham amassed a rather pitiful 73. With tea still an hour away, Hookie were clearly hungry. Now the sun started to show its impertinent face and in spite of losing two wickets, they cruised home before the kettle was boiled, on their way to some fine sandwiches, malt loaf, cakes and almost certainly the Division 3 title. Well played to the opposition, who won at a canter, the umpires for putting in a quick shift and to the Clifton boys for turning up to provide moral support once their game was cancelled.
15/06/2019 Risinghurst v Wantage n/a n/a Match abandoned  View Result Card n/a

Division  4
15/06/2019 Chadlington v Garsington and Cowley II 72 for 9 wkts
Phil McConville 6.0-1-24-3
Freddie Townsend 5.0-0-28-3
William Foster 2.0-0-12-3
120 all out
Ace Hussain 46
Deipak Malhotra 32
Zarwali Ahmadzai 8.0-3-12-5
Garsington and Cowley II win by 48 runs  View Result Card Completed
        Match reduced to 25 overs.
15/06/2019 Shrivenham v Uffington 98 for 3 wkts
Manoj Perera 38
Manoj Perera 6.4-1-16-3
94 all out
Andy Radcliffe 38
Shrivenham win by 7 wkts  View Result Card Completed
15/06/2019 Steventon v Oxenford II 105 all out
Lalit Chablani 10.0-3-18-7
63 all out
Tim Rayden 4.0-0-15-3
Anthony Moss 2.0-0-14-3
Steventon win by 42 runs  View Result Card Completed
15/06/2019 West Ilsley v Deddington 68 for 1 wkts
Will Carlisle 38*
Adam Barnes 30*
67 all out West Ilsley win by 9 wkts  View Result Card Completed
15/06/2019 Wolvercote II v Witney Swifts II n/a n/a Match abandoned  View Result Card n/a

Division  5
15/06/2019 Chalgrove v EandW Hendred II 58 all out
Joe Chown 11.0-2-19-3
145 all out
Dom Mckenna 50
Peter Beckley 11.0-3-28-6
EandW Hendred II win by 87 runs  View Result Card Completed
15/06/2019 Letcombe v Risinghurst II 63 for 7 wkts
Alex Simms 7.0-1-25-3
62 for 7 wkts
Asif Khan 8.0-5-8-4
Letcombe win by 3 wkts  View Result Card Not Completed
        With the rain in place until 2.50 a delayed start and a 30 over game was advised by the umpires. Letcombe's opening bowlers Danny Taylor and Sam May bowled terrific spells and their accuracy made run scoring difficult. Hassan Raza and Raj Kumar began to build a partnership until Josh Godwin broke it. Alex Simms chipped in with 3 wickets as Risinghurst ended on 62 for 7 off their 30 overs. Ishaq Khademi soon had Letcombe in trouble with 2 early wickets and Asif Khan sent 4 back as Letcombe made heavy going of the target. Paul Hume remained calm and saw it home. As usual with Risinghurst great spirit and a tight game, thanks for waiting it out patiently and helping with the covers. Special thanks to 2 high class umpires for making sure we got a game in, weirdly in mostly bright sunshine eventually. The impromptu game of the treasure hunt for Josh's missing motorbike key also has a successful conclusion - eventually.
15/06/2019 Tetsworth II v Wolvercote III 145 for 6 wkts
Clifford Jacobs 32
Hamid Abdul 33
Aaron Huish 45*
141 for 7 wkts
Daniel Crouch 39
Sami Khawaja 33
Neil Sadler 9.0-1-32-3
Tetsworth II win by 4 wkts  View Result Card Completed
        After both captains agreed to reduce the overs to ensure a result in the match, Wolvecote's openers were dogged in there approach to the innings. On a damp wicket they dug in and saw off Tetsworths opening bowlers, but not scoring any runs, Tetsworth opening pair got off to a blistering start and the game was beyond Wolvecote within the 1st 5 overs. Great knock by A Huish and C Jacobs, after some all round good bowling from both teams. Good luck to Wolvecote for the rest of the season. Game played with the right spirit and I love the sledging.

Division  6
15/06/2019 Chesterton v Oxenford III 138 for 5 wkts
Christian Mann 71
135 for 7 wkts
Rahul Nath 62
Diron Devassykutty 7.0-1-37-3
Chesterton win by 3 runs  View Result Card Completed
        Oxonford won the toss and put Chesterton into bat on very overcast afternoon. Pete Talbot and Graham White put 19 on for the first wicket, before Graham was run out on 11. Ade Brucker added 6 when the heavens opened. A 2 hour delay followed with little chance of returning to the field. Tea was taken anyway, and then sunshine broke though. A monumental effort was taken by both teams to remove the water from the pitch and outfield and we just managed to get the game started again to get in a 25 overs per side. With a new objective now in place, Ade tried to open up from the first ball but got caught LBW. Christian Mann then joined Pete Talbot to score an incredible 71 runs of just 29 balls, including seven 6s. Pete Talbot was then caught for 24. Hari Ellanki add 15 off 12 balls and Paul Davis a further 2 not out to finish Chesterton's innings on 137 for 5. A quick turn around saw instant success for bowlers Jimmy Appleton and Daren Trinder, both taking wicket maidens in their first overs. Rahul Nath then set about the task in hand, putting 62 in just 43 balls, Rahul was then caught by Graham White to help drag Chesterton back into the game. Dev Meena continued to lead the charge until Paul Davis Bowled him for 23. With just 21 runs left to get off 3 overs, Ed Vickers came in to bowl the over of the moment and take a wicket Maiden. Oxenford were then left with just 8 needed off the last over, Paul Davis stepped up and despite an early wide, held his nerve, took a wicket and saw Chesterton home by 2 runs. A fantastically tight game of cricket played in great sprit. Chesterton might have edged it but Cricket was the real winner beating the weather. Thank you so much to all the help from the Oxenford team making this game possible. A truly great bunch of lads. Thank you so much to Simon Morse, who once again put many hours into making today possible in a week of very trying conditions.
15/06/2019 Dorchester II v Steventon II 166 for 9 wkts
Mike Ottrey 39
Tom Kitson 42
Joe Cronly 11.0-2-33-3
172 for 7 wkts
Anthony Harris 37
Sam Biggs 8.0-0-37-4
Satish Patange 9.0-2-19-4
Steventon II win by 6 runs  View Result Card Completed
        Close game played in good spirits. Well umpired in difficult conditions. Match reduced to 44 overs
15/06/2019 Hook Norton II v Kidlington II 98 for 9 wkts (25 overs)
Thomas Reeve 6.0-0-25-6
162 for 8 wkts (Par Score = 144)
Andy Oliver 87
Terry Bagnall 37
Jeremy Launchbury 6.0-0-24-4
Terry Bagnall 6.0-0-21-3
Kidlington II win by 46 runs (TS method)  View Result Card Completed
        a good game played in a great spirit in wet conditions but well played andy for his great innings and Tommy for his first 6 wickets hopefully be dryer for the return fixture
15/06/2019 Westcott II v Watlington II 229 for 8 wkts
Rasika Arukgoda 107
Alex Mitchell 41
James Bateman 7.0-1-32-3
Gary Ellis 7.0-2-15-5
122 all out
Mark Taylor 31
Westcott II win by 107 runs  View Result Card Completed

Division  7 North
15/06/2019 Charlbury v Chipping Norton II 124 for 3 wkts
Alasdair Harley 44*
George Westbury 30
302 for 3 wkts
Nadir Khan Niazi 47
Asela Jayasundara 174
Slamat Sami 40*
Chipping Norton II win by 178 runs  View Result Card Completed
        Match reduced to 25 overs - yes you read that right. A combination of small ground plus wet ball made for some high scoring from one player
15/06/2019 Stonesfield II v Middleton Cheney II 165 for 7 wkts
Ciaran Northwood 40
Anthony Liddell 38
Robert Hicks 2.2-0-18-3
119 all out
Ben Ream 9.0-0-28-4
Stonesfield II win by 46 runs  View Result Card Completed
        Match reduced to 34 overs per innings. Stoney batted positively to a competitive score largely thanks to Northwood's aggressive 40 and Liddell's stylish 38. Newman & Taylor's unbeaten 8th wicket stand of 53 took the score to 165/7 before an early tea was taken due to a heavy shower. Ben Ream bowled accurately at good pace to collect 4/28 & Cheney were tidy in the field. With the wicket well covered & the home captain's emergency dash for more sawdust, the welcome arrival of the sun after tea meant the ground was safe to resume play upon. Taylor's miserly spell of just 4 runs from 7 overs, and 18yr old Ciaran Northwood's genuine pace saw Cheney on the backfoot and soon behind the run rate. Only opener Tillcock's anchor role resulted in a meaningful score. Despite a few shelled sitters, the home bowling & fielding unit closed the game out as the run rate climbed - with Hicks & Newman mopping up the lower order. The innings ended at 119 all out from 30.2 overs. Well played both very fair umpires in managing the rain break & overs, never easy when one team is much keener to play than the other. Particular thanks to Mr Marsden for helping complete the score card and our book Cheney forgot to fill in any of their batsmen's scores when they sadly had to leave so quickly.

Division  7 South
15/06/2019 Chinnor v Wootton and BH II 103 for 8 wkts
Kevin Slatter 31
Lee Anning 8.0-2-15-3
102 for 9 wkts
Johnnie Fisher 30
Harpett Singh 8.0-0-26-3
Chinnor win by 2 wkts  View Result Card Not Completed
15/06/2019 Faringdon II v Sunningwell II n/a n/a Match abandoned  View Result Card n/a
15/06/2019 Harwell International v Kilkenny II 119 for 1 wkts
Nitin Tandon 43
Matthew Davies 37*
Praveen Mutchumari 30*
115 all out Harwell International win by 9 wkts  View Result Card Not Completed
        Harwell won the toss and put Kilkenny in to bat. Some very tight bowling by Schofield and then Pritchard in particular helped keep the score down and Harwell eventually bowled out the 9 men of Kilkenny in the final over for 115. It was always going to be a difficult ask for Kilkenny, defending a low score on a drying wicket with only 9 men. Some good batting from Tandon and Davies, and then a double 6 hitting cameo from Praveen saw Harwell home after 18 overs. Kilkenny were a great bunch, good luck for the rest of the season!
15/06/2019 Marcham II v Bampton II 55 all out
Adam Grady 6.0-0-32-3
56 for 5 wkts
Gerald Holford 32*
Callum Rossie 6.0-2-6-3
Jacob Bootay 6.0-1-9-4
Bampton II win by 5 wkts  View Result Card Completed
        A good toss to win.....Well done Bampton good luck for the rest of the season.

Cup Results 14/06/2019 - 17/06/2019

Match Date Fixture # Home Side   Away Side Home Side Score Away Side Score Result Ground Report

Airey Cup

No fixtures to report between those dates.

Centenary Cup

No fixtures to report between those dates.

Osberton Radiators Cup

No fixtures to report between those dates.

Steve Dixon Memorial Cup

Quarter Finals
16/06/2019 9 Freeland v Wolvercote III 120 for 9 wkts
Marc Buckingham 33
Marcus Hall 7.0-1-20-3
98 for 8 wkts
Hashim Shah 7.0-1-18-3
David Quinn 4.0-0-13-3
Freeland win by 22 runs  View Result Card Completed
          A delayed start to allow the pitch extra time to dry was of little benefit as the rain came after 3 overs. After a short delay Freeland having lost the toss and being placed to bat plodded on to score 120 on a slow wicket and slow outfield. Some very tidy bowling from the visitors really stifled the Freeland batting line up but a 33 from opener Buckingham and a excellent patient innings from McGrady (29) saw freeland post 120. In reply a tidy start from the opening bowlers saw the home side take regular wickets and increase the required rate. Another excellent spell from Jack Buckingham ably assisted by his spin twin Marcus Hall did real damage and put the game in Freelands hands.
16/06/2019 10 Chesterton v Westcott II 140 all out
Peter Whitlock 72
Paul Davis 4.0-1-23-3
108 for 8 wkts
Alex Mitchell 40
Lewis Jeacock 5.2-0-15-4
Chesterton win by 32 runs  View Result Card Completed
          Usual great game with Westcott - really good bunch. Fantastic effort by Simon Morse, for preparing the wicket for 2 games over a very challenging weekend. In the absence of Dicky Dumbleton, apologies for not the usual superb match report....
16/06/2019 11 Letcombe v Chalgrove n/a n/a Match conceded by Chalgrove n/a
16/06/2019 12 Watlington II v Sunningwell 185 for 6 wkts
Rama Garimella 126*
Jaylan Crockett 7.0-1-16-3
83 all out Watlington II win by 102 runs  View Result Card Completed
          Sunningwell won the toss and elected to bowl, Rama garimella held his bat all through the innings finishing on a brilliant 126 not out, watlington bowled and fielded well restricting a battling sunningwel to 83 , thank you to the umpires and the sunningwell players. Good luck for the rest of the season.

Telegraph Cup

No fixtures to report between those dates.