Oxfordshire Cricket Association 2018
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celebrating over 100 years of league cricket

With nearly 100 years of history, the Oxfordshire Cricket Association is dedicated to offering competitive result cricket to member clubs and promoting youth involvement in cricket at a grassroots level, all played in a spirit desirable to local cricket.

The league’s progressive rules and constitution puts it in the perfect position to tackle the modern-day challenges facing cricket and those passionate about playing.

New clubs and teams are actively encouraged to join, whether the club has one side, or only certain teams from within a club want to join.

New sides are always placed at the appropriate level within the league system to ensure a competitive, and enjoyable game for everyone.

The Association’s playing conditions and rules are decided by the clubs, and are governed by a committed, experienced and responsive committee of individuals, all of whom have been involved in local cricket for many years.

The committee provide training courses to improve ground and umpiring standards, to ensure that two neutral umpires officiate every game with the best facilities possible.


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Club details and information for 2018 - VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE!!

Hi Everyone

The Executive wish to advise that this year the handbook will be much smaller and WILL NOT contain the club contacts and information page, so please ensure that your club details are on the OCA website, BEFORE the start of the season.

This will be the only place for clubs to obtain phone numbers and addresses, so please make sure you have everything correctly listed.

If you are having problems in gaining access to the website, please let me know and I will help you .

Wishing you all a very succesful season.

Change of date and Venue for the Umpires pre-season meeting....

Please see details of this change....three messages below....

Clubs Forum - March 28th 2018 - Power Point Presentation.....

Details of the Clubs Forum, to be held on the 28th March 2018 has already been sent out to the club secretaries/contacts and a flyer on this can be seen/downloaded from the website under 'Administration'...
Ian Royle has prepared a Power Point Presentation for the Forum which we have put on the website, again under 'Administration' and a trail will be opened on the OCA Forum if any wish to add comments, ideas and suggestions plus anything else you wish to bring to the Forum for discussion.

OCA Clubs information on website for 2018....

This has been sent out to all member clubs for actioning.....
For 2018, the OCA handbook will not have the clubs details listed as we are scaling down the content and relying more on the OCA website, so it is vitally important that ALL MEMBER CLUBS add their information as soon as possible, certainly before the start of the season.

Please ensure that the club secretary/ contact and the captains details are correct, as these will be the only means of contact - check their mobile numbers and email addresses - it is so easy to make a mistake when adding these to the website.

Your help in this matter is very much appreciated.

Change of date for the OCA Captains' and Umpires pre-season meeting....

The date of the above meeting has been changed to Thursday 12th April 2018 from the 19th.and will be held at Stratfield Brake Sports Ground, Frieze Way - Kidlington - OX5 1UP at 7.30 pm..all clubs have been advised of this.
The OCA Umpires pre-season meeting has also been changed from the 26th April to the 19th April and will be held at Oxford University Press Pavilion, Jordan Hill, Oxford, OX2 8EF, commencing at 7.30pm
OCA General Secretary

OCA Clubs Forum 2018

The date of the above Clubs Forum has been arranged for Wednesday 28th March 2018, commencing at 7.30pm and will be held at Oxford University Press Pavilion - Jordan Hill - Banbury Road - Oxford - OX2 8EF....
It would be helpful if any ideas are flagged up in advance to any member of the OCA Executive but please make sure YOUR club sends a fully briefed representative to this Forum, particularly bearing in mind the number of changes to rules etc in 2018....
If you wish to download a flyer for this event, this can be seen under 'Administration'on the home page of the website.

New Laws for 2018

ECB ACO have produced a short video on the new Laws which is available below under Administration - takes a minute or two to download but worth watching.
We would still strongly suggest all umpires and captains attend one of the local seminars on the new Laws to hear a fuller explanation and to allow you to ask questions an discuss these with your colleagues

50+ Indoor Cricket information

We have received information on the above and a poster/flyer is displayed under 'Administration' on the website:

New Laws of Cricket - MCC Online Laws course available to all.

MCC has just released its new online Laws of Cricket resource to complement the newly issued 2017 Code of the Laws of Cricket.
The site takes you through each Law, with explanations and examples.
This is available to anyone with an interest in cricket and is really essential viewing for umpires, captains, players and coaches alike.
To take advantage of the free resource sign up here:


Fixtures for 2018


Minutes of the meeting of the OCA Executive - 12th February 2018

Minutes of the meeting of the OCA Executive - January 15th 2018

Power Point Presentation for Clubs Forum in March 2018

OCA Clubs Forum information - Wednesday 28th March 2018

OCA Divisions and Cups for 2018 season

Information Sheet for all OCA Member Clubs - January 2018

ECB ACO New Laws presentation

2018 Umpires Registration Form

Learn 'live scoring on a laptop' - Free of charge!!

MCC New Law of Cricket Seminars - details

Umpires Courses 2018 - details now available under Administration

OCA Accounts for year ending 30.September 2017

2017 AGM - Proposals for rule changes for 2018

2017 AGM - Proposals for changes to the OCA Constitution.

OCA/Cherwell League Merger statement from the OCA Executive

Poster/Flyer information for 50+ indoor cricket

New Laws 2017 - Summary paper from MCC

MCC Laws of Cricket 2017 Code

OCA v Cherwell League Representative Match 2017 result

Letter from the OCA President - David Burns

Fielding Circle Infringments

ECB Guidelines for umpires on concussion

Changes to MCC Laws of Cricket