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celebrating over 100 years of league cricket

With over 100 years of history, the Oxfordshire Cricket Association is dedicated to offering competitive result cricket to member clubs and promoting youth involvement in cricket at a grassroots level, all played in a spirit desirable to local cricket.

The league’s progressive rules and constitution puts it in the perfect position to tackle the modern-day challenges facing cricket and those passionate about playing.

New clubs and teams are actively encouraged to join, whether the club has one side, or only certain teams from within a club want to join.

New sides are always placed at the appropriate level within the league system to ensure a competitive, and enjoyable game for everyone.

The Association’s playing conditions and rules are decided by the clubs, and are governed by a committed, experienced and responsive committee of individuals, all of whom have been involved in local cricket for many years.

The committee provide training courses to improve ground and umpiring standards, to ensure that two neutral umpires officiate every game with the best facilities possible.


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Cherwell Cricket League Divisions 2021

The make up of the divisions for the combined leagues 2021 season can now be seen on the Cherwell Cricket League website:

Moving towards the new League structure

From Cherwell League Twitter feed: The first draft of our new league structure indicates that in tiers 4-8 we will reduce travel by 35-40% on previous seasons. Predictions are an average of about 16 miles and 25 minutes travel time.

OCA - Cherwell Cricket League Amalgamation

Following the vote which closed at midnight 31st October, the President, David Burns, reports that 88% of OCA clubs have voted in favour of accepting the invitation to join the Cherwell Cricket League in 2021.
Further information will follow in due course

OCA - Cherwell Cricket League Amalgamation

Following the CCL voting 95% in favour of the amalgamation the focus now switches to the OCA clubs who have been asked to vote on the proposal documents and club secretaries and chairmen have all the details on the process and documentation.
The vote closes on 31st October and if any players or club members wish to see the documents and have an input into their club's decision they should contact their club officers

OCA Cherwell Amalgamation Proposals

Just released to all clubs- in the Admin section below you will find the consultation documents to be put to the clubs around the amalgamation

Proposed CCL/OCA Pyramid Structure 2021

Updated structure outline now available to download in Admin below

OCA Cherwell Proposals - FAQs

This document can be found below in Administration

Cup Winners

Airey Cup - Oxenford
Telegraph Cup - Tetsworth II
Steve Dixon Memorial Cup - E & W Hendred II
Osberton Radiators Cup - Stonesfield II

OCA/Cherwell Cricket League amalgamation

In the Admin section below you will find a document sent out yesterday to all club Chairmen, Secretaries and Captains.
This details the first steps and ideas around any joining together of the two leagues and is a discussion document not a final paper.
If you have any views on what is contained in the paper or anything you would like to add or question please feedback through your club.

OCA v Cherwell Rep Game

OCA 171 for 8
G Seacole 71
K Foggett 36
J Chaundy 19no

Cherwell League 174 for 6
T Gubbins 3 for 23
G Seacole 1 for 33
C King 1 for 45

South Central ACO Umpires CPD Modules

These modules on umpiring are free to all and have recently been revised:

As a reminder this is the link to the page we use as a portal http://www.berkscoa.co.uk/courses.html.

To you on recent additions and changes.
There is now a second series of 6 LBW’s to test yourselves on.
Simply go to the link above LBW’s from the box, read the READ ME file, & go.
The Movement and Positioning Bite Size Module has been enhanced to include a conversation between two of our First Class Umpires (Paul Baldwin & Richard Kettleborough).
We have started producing a series of modules under the heading Match Day Experience which can be accessed from the Berkshire ACO pages using the button Match Day or direct from the link below.


These modules are based on discussions between First Class Match Officials that were held on a Webinar run by the Close Call Facebook Group. The discussions are “overlaid” by PowerPoint text and graphics to bring out the various points being made and how similar they are to those we face in the matches we officiate in as Recreational Umpires.
The initial Module is titled A Bad Day at the Office. No prizes guessing what this is about.
Involved in the discussion are Michael Gough, Paul Baldwin & Richard Kettleborough.

The Masked Cricketer

Some of you may have seen this already - a bit of fun on a weekday evening trying to guess the identity of a guest from the world of cricket followed by a bit of a Q&A.
If you want to join in take a look at:

or to catch up on previous episodes see:

Thanks to Kieran Bushnell for the invite to anyone in OCA

Umpire Education Material

South Central Region ECB ACO have d their "Bite Size" modules with an LBW section to test you and a new module of Substitutes and Penalty Time.
Other modules on Planning and Preparation and Movement and Positioning had been added to with contributions from Chris Kelly, the ECB Umpires manager on nutrition and Richard Kettleborough and Paul Baldwin from the ECB First Class Umpires' list, with their views on looking for Run Outs.
All of the modules can be accessed through:

Online umpires activities

ECB ACO South Central Region have extended their range of presentations that are free for anyone to access and can provide a little light relief for umpires and players alike.
Test your ability to judge Run outs or LBWs and refresh your memory on various aspects of Law and umpiring techniques.

Links to these can be found on the OCB web site at:

Attention Umpires and Scorers

ECB ACO have released details of a number of on line courses that are free to access
See details below in Admin section

Benefits of Affiliation to Oxfordshire Cricket

Please see below in the admin section for information from Oxfordshire Cricket

ECB ACO Club Scorer Courses

See flyer in the Administration section for more details and how to book on.

OCA Umpires Course

This introduction/refresher evening is aimed at those umpires taking part in a club rota in the OCA and also any other umpire or player who wants to brush up on Law and OCA Regulations.
See notice in Administration below for more details
Contact ocagensec@gmail.com to book


If any club wish to submit photographs from their games which may be published in the local newspapers, please send them directly to Kieren Bushnell, the media secretary via email. These can be either team pictures, action pictures, or a picture of a player who has made a notable contribution in the game. These pictures must include a full caption with names of players. I cannot guarantee they will be used, but the best photos will be considered for publication.

Interested in becomind a scorer? Then this could be for YOU?

We are looking to hold a scorers level 1 course over two weekends during Feb March 2019.

Should you feel this would benefit your club in any way for (both present scorers or potential scorers) please reply to this e-mail address. (theharrishousehold@live.co.uk)

Idealy we would also like to use local cricket clubs to host these events as we are trying to keep the costs down and this would help a great deal.

Please let me know if your club would be able to help and if you have anyone interested.
Many thanks
Steve Harris

Information on obtaining new or re-newing DBS certificates

A number of OCA umpires need to apply for DBS certificates and some will be about to expire, so the following notes may be of assistance?
The important thing is that ALL UMPIRES must hold a current DBS....

1. Ian Royle can initiate the process for anyone who needs a DBS, either new or renewing, and would need name as on passport/driving licence, date of birth and email address.

2. Any club welfare officer should also be able to do this or the welfare team at OCB

3. Anybody who obtained their DBS through the ECB will get a reminder.

4. The 3 year time scale is decided by the ECB as the governing body but the DBS certificate itself only has an issue date not a "sell by" date. This is the same for any organisation to decide how long they want to leave it before a new certificate is required as technically the certificate is only valid on the day of issue when the checks have been completed as you could get a conviction the day after your certificate is issued!

5. OCB Welfare team can check if somebody has a certificate as they get a full list of those issued through ECB for the county.

General Data Protection Regulation

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Match Reports

No Weekly Reports


Positioning of OCA Clubs in CCL Tiers

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OCA Cherwell Proposals FAQs

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