Oxfordshire Cricket Association 2017
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celebrating over 100 years of league cricket

The Oxfordshire Cricket Association now boasts 96 teams from 52 clubs competing in 10 divisions and 6 cup competitions.
The Association promotes competitive cricket in Oxfordshire and the outlying districts, maintaining the integrity of competition with regard to 2nd and 3rd team cricket, and promoting the highest standards in all facets of the game.

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Representative Match v. Cherwell League - Winners 2016

©Steve Wheeler 2016


Changes to MCC Laws of Cricket

Some of you will no doubt have seen press releases from MCC regarding changes to the Laws of Cricket and quite a lot of publicity given to a “Red and Yellow Card” system for umpires.

Please note that these are due for publication in full and implementation in October 2017 and so will NOT come into play this coming season.
There have been no changes to the Laws by MCC for the 2017 season from what was in place for the 2016 season.

For a taster of what is to come see: https://www.lords.org/news/2017/march/mcc-announces-new-code-of-laws/

Clubs wishing to purchase covers, sight screens and boundary markers?

With the new OCA ground standards regulations and rule changes in 2017, some clubs may have to purchase covers, sight screens and fielding circle markers. Oxfordshire Cricket would like to help clubs save funds, and can help in a number of ways.

For rain covers, Oxfordshire Cricket can help clubs apply for EWCT Small Grants. Last year we allocated grants of up to £3700 to six clubs for mobile wicket covers. Please see the link to the Oxfordshire Cricket website for more details - http://www.oxfordshire.cricket/news/2017-small-grants-applications-open-17018/

For sight screens, fielding circle markers we can look at bulk purchases or negotiate better prices on your behalf.

Whether your club is affiliated to Oxfordshire Cricket or not, please contact George Setterfield, Club Development Manager at gsetterfield@oxoncb.comto find out more.

New Rule for 2017 - Fielding Restrictions - Inner Boundary Markers to be used:

This new rule was passed at the 2016 AGM, requiring the use of "Inner Boundary Markers" to be used in ALL league and cup games.
These can be ordered through Gordon Clack of Hawthorn Sports Agencies - details as follows:
£1.50 each or £35.00 per pack of 25 or £52.00 for required number of 40 as per OCA spec.
Don't be "Caught Out" - Order yours NOW from: Hawthorn Sports, email: gjclack66@gmail.com or: 01993 - 703793 or: 0776 382 2983