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celebrating over 100 years of league cricket

With nearly 100 years of history, the Oxfordshire Cricket Association is dedicated to offering competitive result cricket to member clubs and promoting youth involvement in cricket at a grassroots level, all played in a spirit desirable to local cricket.

The league’s progressive rules and constitution puts it in the perfect position to tackle the modern-day challenges facing cricket and those passionate about playing.

New clubs and teams are actively encouraged to join, whether the club has one side, or only certain teams from within a club want to join.

New sides are always placed at the appropriate level within the league system to ensure a competitive, and enjoyable game for everyone.

The Association’s playing conditions and rules are decided by the clubs, and are governed by a committed, experienced and responsive committee of individuals, all of whom have been involved in local cricket for many years.

The committee provide training courses to improve ground and umpiring standards, to ensure that two neutral umpires officiate every game with the best facilities possible.


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Learn 'Live scoring on a laptop - Free of charge!!

Interested in Scoring but lack the confidence to move on to computer scoring?
Please see full details under 'Administration' on the OCA website...

Please note that Mick Warrens email address is .com NOT co.uk

New Laws Sessions 2018

There is now a booking system for these sessions.
Booking is not essential but would help to give an indication of numbers planning to attend each session.
Please go to www.oxfordshire.cricket to book

OCA Divisions for 2018 and clubs entering the Cup Competitions

These have now been sent out to the clubs but can be seen and downloaded from the OCA website - See under 'Administration'

Ground Availability forms for 2018

These forms have been sent out to all OCA member clubs, including the new clubs joining us in 2018.
Please ensure that these are completed and returned to DAVID QUINN,the
Fixture Secretary no later than the 14th January 2018.
Thank you

MCC New Laws of Cricket for 2018 Season

Seminars open to all on the new Laws in New Year - see under administration

ECB ACO Umpires Courses 2018

Umpires courses for the New Year are now open for booking - see under Administration

OCA/Cherwell Merger statement from the OCA Executive

At the OCA Annual General Meeting on Thursday 30th November, the clubs were given a statement relating to the above merger.
Copies of this can be seen under 'Administration' on the OCA website and can be downloaded if required.

Photographs from the 2017 OCA Presentation Dinner

For all clubs who attended the dinner and who wish to see the photos taken during the evening, please contact the General Secretary who will arrange to have these sent to you by email, which can then be downloaded and printed by whatever system you normally use.
Our sincere thanks goes to Brian Lee who kindly stepped in at short notice to take the photographs, which are extremely good.

50+ Indoor Cricket information

We have received information on the above and a poster/flyer is displayed under 'Administration' on the website:

Very Sad News - Steve Wheeler - Photographer for the OCA and Oxford Mail

It is with sadness that we advise of the sudden death of Steve Wheeler this morning.. There is no doubt that he will be missed by so many players who knew him, and his support and committment to the OCA will be remembered for a very long time.

Please see below a tribute written by Kieren Bushnell who knew him as a friend over many years and in different sports:

He was a larger than life character – a true character – and was my good good friend.
The word legend is used far too often these days – but Steve Wheeler WAS a legend.
Whether it was traipsing around a cross country league running course in the middle of January or taking those wonderful photographs of Oxfordshire cricketers in the middle of the hottest day of the year – Steve was as much a part of Oxfordshire sport as many of the legends that have graced this county.
Whether it was covering a youth league football match, or, his biggest passion, the Oxfordshire Rugby final, Steve was knowledgeable, likeable, passionate, and above all, a TRUE friend of Oxfordshire.
He talked a good game, but he also walked the walk. His passion knew no boundaries. It didn’t matter what sport he was covering, he put as much effort, commitment and professionalism into it.
For me though, Steve was first and foremost a friend. A real friend. Someone whom I spent many happy hours with at countless presentation evenings, football matches, cricket matches, and car journeys.
And those car journeys invariably involved me listening (I could never get a word in edgeways!) to Steve’s passion. Oxfordshire sport.
Steve was more than just a photographer to me. He was more than just a friend.
Steve was one of those very few people in my life that has inspired me.
He inspired me to try and get into sports journalism full time. Back in the 1990s when he used to come to Witney Town, he used to say to me “you know how to write” – why don’t you try and do it for a living.
“I can’t,” I’d tell him. “I don’t have any qualifications in journalism.”
“I don’t have any qualifications either,” he’d say. “But I just love my sport. I’ll do this for the rest of my life. You should give it a go, you will regret it if you don't."
And how true that was. Over the next 25 years, Steve would be almost a fixture and fitting of Oxfordshire sport.
Where-ever there was a big sporting event, Steve would invariably be there.
Whether it was booking in for lunch at Radley College when covering a county cricket match, or phoning me to arrange his lift to the next OCA dinner, Steve was there.
Steve has always been there. He is OXFORDSHIRE. He always will be.
His photographs will live on, forever. I will remember with a fond smile the time we got stuck (in his brand new Audi) in the mud at a cross country league meeting in Swindon.
“You’ll have to get out and push,” he said. “But Steve, I’ve got my best trousers and shoes on.”
“Well we’ll be here until next year’s race then.”
Out I got, and push I did, helped by a couple of the early finishers…….And we did get back to Oxford – and as usual he turned around some fantastic photographs, capturing the joys and the despairs of a sporting event.

That WAS Steve. Hard working, funny, gregarious, and most of all, my friend.
Steve, I will never forget you. I will never forget the scrapes we got into.
I will never forget the day that you ate the lunch that the Buckinghamshire coach had just dished up for himself.
You were a funny, amazing, talented man, a man I am truly proud to have called one of my few true friends.
Rest in peace my friend, until we meet again.

County and OCA Welfare Officer

Please be advised that as from the 30 September 2017, Michael Geeson-Brown is no longer County and OCA Welfare Officer.

We understand that the OCB will be advising us who will take his place, when an appointment has been made.

New Laws of Cricket - MCC Online Laws course available to all.

MCC has just released its new online Laws of Cricket resource to complement the newly issued 2017 Code of the Laws of Cricket.
The site takes you through each Law, with explanations and examples.
This is available to anyone with an interest in cricket and is really essential viewing for umpires, captains, players and coaches alike.
To take advantage of the free resource sign up here:


New Laws of Cricket 2017

With the 2017 season put to bed the MCC have published the new Code of Laws which will come into play in the 2018 season in England.
In the Administration Section below you will find links to the complete new Laws and a summary paper on the changes.
These will be discussed at various venues throughout the area over the closed season so keep an eye out for dates

Information on Closing Down your grounds at the end of the season.

Clubs have been asking for advice on End of Season Renovation so the information below will prove very useful to all Grounds persons.

Simon Morse
OCA Cricket Committee

Cricket Renovations - The Basics a few ideas

The message is clear skimp at your own peril, because neglect in the autumn renovation programme will mean inferior pitches the following season. Andy Mackay, Head Groundsman at Sussex CCC provides an in-depth guide to end of season renovations:

Go to this link:

Winners and Runners Up for the 2017 season

Now that all the matches have been completed, here is the list of the Divisional winners and Runners Up...well done to all the teams....

Division One: Charlbury and Faringdon
Division Two: Wootton & BH and Witney Swifts
Division Three: Stanton Harcourt and Middleton Cheney
Division Four: Brill and Bampton
Division Five: Hook Norton and Combe
Division Six: Shrivenham and Charlbury II
Division Seven: Yarnton & Cowley and Middleton Cheney II
Division Eight N: Risinghurst II and Wolvercote III
Division Eight S: Dorchester II and Chalgrove

Changes to MCC Laws of Cricket

Some of you will no doubt have seen press releases from MCC regarding changes to the Laws of Cricket and quite a lot of publicity given to a “Red and Yellow Card” system for umpires.

Please note that these are due for publication in full and implementation in October 2017 and so will NOT come into play this coming season.
There have been no changes to the Laws by MCC for the 2017 season from what was in place for the 2016 season.

For a taster of what is to come see: https://www.lords.org/news/2017/march/mcc-announces-new-code-of-laws/

Weekly Reports


Learn 'live scoring on a laptop' - Free of charge!!

OCA Divisions for 2018 and clubs who have entered Cup Competitions

MCC New Law of Cricket Seminars - details

Umpires Courses 2018 - details now available under Administration

OCA - Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 30 November 2017

OCA Accounts for year ending 30.September 2017

2017 AGM - Proposals for rule changes for 2018

2017 AGM - Proposals for changes to the OCA Constitution.

OCA/Cherwell League Merger statement from the OCA Executive

Minutes of the meeting of the OCA Executive - 16th October 2017

Poster/Flyer information for 50+ indoor cricket

Minutes of the meeting of the OCA Executive - 11th September 2017

New Laws 2017 - Summary paper from MCC

MCC Laws of Cricket 2017 Code

OCA v Cherwell League Representative Match 2017 result

Letter from the OCA President - David Burns

Fielding Circle Infringments

ECB Guidelines for umpires on concussion

Changes to MCC Laws of Cricket

OCA Grant Form