Oxfordshire Cricket Association 2016
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celebrating over 100 years of league cricket

The Oxfordshire Cricket Association now boasts 96 teams from 52 clubs competing in 10 divisions and 6 cup competitions.
The Association promotes competitive cricket in Oxfordshire and the outlying districts, maintaining the integrity of competition with regard to 2nd and 3rd team cricket, and promoting the highest standards in all facets of the game.

©Steve Wheeler 2013

Action from League and Cup 2013

©Steve Wheeler 2013


Inter League Game result - OCA v Cherwell - Sunday 21st August 2016

Congratulations to Sam Willett for putting together a winning team, who batted first, scoring just over 180 runs and then bowling out the Cherwell team for 68 runs.
A full report can be seen under 'Administration' on the OCA website.
Well done to the OCA...3 wins in four years of the competition!
The match can be viewed on www.horspathcricket.com view on youtube

IMPORTANT!! - Updating Scoreboards for all league and cup games

To assist our umpires and for the general 'good of the game'can the captains of the 'batting side' ensure that scoreboards are changed at the "END OF EACH OVER"....Can all captains delegate this duty to one of his players OR make an arrangement for this to be done?
Many thanks

Kilkenny (Carterton) C.C. - Change of 2nd team captain

Please be advised that Jamie Macdonogh has taken over the captaincy of the 2nd team and his details have been added to the club page.
Telephone No: 07767 737 672 and email address: Jamie.Macdonogh@hotmail.com.

Wootton & B.H - Change of 1st team captain

Please be advised that Ben Tew has taken over the captaincy of the 1st team and his details have been added to the club page.
Telephone No: 07971 682 448 and email address: ben.tew@abingdonprep.org.uk

Withdrawl of Hanney II

Please be advised that Hanney II have withdrawn from Division Nine with immediate effect.
The League Table will be amended shortly.

Corrections / Mistakes

All mistakes made when submitting results, which require changes to be made to the score sheet, should be sent either through webmaster@oxfordshirecricketassociation.org.uk e-mail address or direct to the Results Secretary, at m50ndw@hotmail.co.uk

Procedure for Appeals.

Should a player or club have any reason to appeal against any penalty, this should be sent to the OCA Chairman, Mr. Brian Standish, together with the relevant cheque.
Colin Olliffe
OCA General Secretary

Clarification on OCA Rules regarding High Full Tosses - Beamers

OCA Match rule 30 states: The MCC Laws governing the game of cricket will operate unless amended by regulation below.

There is no amendment to MCC Law in the OCA match regulations to Law 42.6(b) applies in full
In summary:
Any delivery, other than a slow paced one, over waist high is a No Ball and Caution
Any slow paced delivery over shoulder high is a No Ball and Caution
This applies whether or not the batsman hits the ball, is hit by it or it misses him by yards.

There may have been some confusion with TV matches and other regulations where everything above waist high is a no ball but cautions only issued if not a slow delivery but this is NOT the case in the OCA Match Rules
Ian Royle -

Errors and wrong email addresses in the 2016 handbook


Since the publication of the 2016 handbook, numerous ERRORS have shown up, mainly in email addresses and in particular, the email addresses of captains, so you are asked to carefully check all the information listed in the handbook for your club, and then advise the General Secretary of any errors, and I can assure you there are a good number!!

It is vitally important to have correct information, both on the website and in the handbook, so if you find any errors, not only should you advise me by return, but also correct these on the website - IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CLUB TO DO THIS.

The OCA Executive feel that there should be a deadline set for any errors to be reported, and this is set for the 28th May 2016, and any errors found after this date ill incur a 'administrative fine' , which we really do not want to do.......


O.C.A. President appointed!!

The OCA Executive are delighted to announce that David Burns has accepted the position of President of the Association, and will take on the role as from June 2016.

With David's knowledge of the game and a former member of the Executive committee, we know that he will be a great asset to the association and wish him well in this role.

Can all club secretaries and contacts ensure that your members are made aware of this appointment.

Colin Olliffe - O.C.A.General Secretary

Great Horwood C.C. - Hon. Secretary for 2016

Simon Gale is the main contact/secretary for Great Horwood C.C.
His email address is: followtheboff@gmail.com....Home: 01908 760199 and mobile: 07977 014 496

Errors and wrong email addresses in the 2016 handbook

Under umpires listing: Kevin Giles details have NOT been included, so please Add Kevin Giles: Mobile No: 07774 206 854 and club contacts should advise the club captains of this.

Also, it is very disappointing that despite every effort to ensure we have correct email addresses/mobile numbers, there are a good number of incorrect listings, so can you please CHECK YOUR OWN club details/captains numbers and email address and adjust the website accordingly.

Unless this is done, there will be problems for clubs who cannot contact the' right person at a crucial time', so please attend to this as a priority.

Many thanks

ECB Guidance on helmets..

Please see details of this under 'Administration' and ensure that your club members are aware of the importance of wearing a helmet?

Wormsley Cricket Programme for 2016

For those interested in attending matches at The Wormsley Estate, please see the following information:
This years membership package includes entry and parking for the following fixtures:

Contact No: 01283 260 068 or www.wormsleycricket.co.uk

Public Cricket Matches in 2016

England under 19s versus Sri Lanka under 19s Wednesday 10th August
British Blind Sport Primary Club Cup Final Saturday 20th August

MCCA Unicorns Knockout Trophy Final Wednesday 24th August
MCCA Unicorns Championship Final 28th 31st August

Wormsley Club Sir Paul Getty XI Fixtures in 2016

SPG XI versus Arabs Cricket Club Sunday 11th September
SPG XI versus Eton Ramblers Cricket Club Sunday 18th September

Wormsley Club 6-a-sides in 2016
Thursday 15th September

In total members will be able to enjoy 18 days of cricket at Wormsley during the summer.

The costs for the 2016 membership is as follows:
Adult 90
Concession (over 65) 60
Junior 20
Family (2 adults and 2 juniors) 200

Is your CRB still current for the 2016 season?

If you hold a CRB certificate and will be involved in OCA cricket during 2016, can you please check that your certificate is still in date (not sure if they advise you to re-new?) as they normally run for three (3) years.
Should you need to re-new your CRB, please contact Ian Royle who will be pleased to check your form and sign it off.
Ian's contact No: 01235.847528 or royle.ian@talk21.com

Covers and Sight Screens notification to all member clubs

This is a notice to advise all clubs that they are expected to provide pitch covers (flat sheets or roll-on) as from the beginning of the 2016 season, and checks by the Facilities Secretary will be made to ensure that these are available.
With regards to Sight Screens, this is a forward notice to advise ALL CLUBS that as from 2017, sight screens MUST be provided, so if your club is still without these, plans should be put in place during this coming season.


Scorecard & Match report - OCA v Cherwell - 21st August 2016

Discipline Rulings 2016

Minutes of the meeting of the OCA Executive - July 2016

2016-2017 Level 1 umpire courses

Minutes of the meeting of the OCA Executive - June 2016

2016 Cup Player Eligibility Summary

ECB Guidance notes - Safety Measure for helmets used in Recreational Cricket

British Standard Helmet poster.

Minutes of the OCA Annual General Meeting - 26th November 2015

Chairmans report to the OCA Annual General Meeting - November 2015

Presidents report to the OCA Annual General Meeting - November 2015

Treasurers report to the Annual General Meeting - 26th November 2015

Copy of O.C.A. Accounts for 2015

Proposed Constitution 2016

Proposed Match Rules 2016

Proposed Bye Laws 2016

Proposed Disciplinary Regulations 2016

The Spirit of Cricket in the Oxfordshire Cricket Association

OCA Grant Form